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Judy’s School of Dance offers classes in step dancing, clogging and ballroom.  Both private and group lessons are available.  Registrations are accepted year round however group lessons only start once a year, one week after Labour Day. Potential students must be at least 4 years of age.
There are no special clothing requirements for our classes.  The students can wear anything they are comfortable in.   Dance shoes are not necessary in the beginning.  Try a few classes in your street shoes first to see how you are going to like it, then we can help you get set up in the proper footwear.  Used dance shoes are available to all students of Judy’s School of Dance.
If you are interested in learning how to step dance but do not live in our geographic area remember you can always learn by video.  Check out the 13 instructional videos currently available by clicking on VIDEOS.

Please Contact Judy to register for classes or for more information.

Step Dancing

Step dancing, although considered an “ancient art”, is said to be one of the fastest growing dance forms today.  It originated from the first Irish, Scottish and English immigrants who settled in the Ottawa Valley area.  In Canada, the lumberjacks kept this cultural dance alive and passed it on to others all over the country.

In its traditional form, step dancing was performed in hard-soled boots and movement was restricted to the feet and legs only.  Today’s modern step dancing allows more arm and body movements and is much more entertaining to watch.  Toe and heel taps, preferably double or jingle taps are worn on leather-soled shoes.  All of the dances are performed on the balls of the feet and the heels rarely ever touch the floor.

In keeping with tradition, step dancers commonly use old tyme fiddle music for their accompaniment.  This does not mean that a fiddle can only accompany this form of dance.  Step dancing  can easily be adapted to any style of music to suit the nature of the performance.

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Clogging is an old-tyme Appalachian dance form that has been transformed into a modern, fun dance that can easily be learned by all. It originated from the Irish, Scottish and English immigrants who settled in the Appalachian Mountains.

Clogging is a flat-footed style dance that uses the heels for a heavier beat. It is performed in leather-soled shoes with taps attached.

This percussive dance form is traditionally performed to blue grass music, however today it is common to see it executed to any type of music – whether it be country, pop, rock, etc.


Come dancing with Patricia and Robert. We teach ballroom and Latin, both social and international styles, from beginner to advance and have been teaching for over ten years in London and Stratford.

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