Instructional DVD’s
Learn to Step Dance in the privacy of your own home!
Judy currently has 13 Instructional DVD’s available that vary in level ranging from the most Basic to the Superadvanced.

• Learn to Step Dance $25.00
• Old Tyme Reel I $35.00
• Old Tyme Reel II $35.00
• Old Tyme Reel III $40.00
• Ottawa Valley Reel I $35.00
• Ottawa Valley Reel II $40.00
• Ottawa Valley Reel III $50.00
• Ottawa Valley Reel IV $50.00
• Waltz Clog $40.00
• Two-Step $40.00
• Clog $40.00
• Jig $50.00

New Dvd!
*Jenny’s Chickens* $50.00
(as written by Chanda Gibson-Leahy)

Shipping & Handling – $5.00 p/DVD
To order, please forward your Name, Address, and Telephone Number along with Cheque or Money Order
for requested DVD to:

Judy Waymouth
3995 Road 111 Stratford, ON N5A 6S5

Please make cheques payable to Judy Waymouth

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